We create 3D product videos for modern companies


We create 3D product videos for modern companies


We create immersive 3D animations that can showcase your product in ways never before imagined.
By adding the element of time, you add a further level of immersion to showcase your product that just can't be conveyed with still images.

Providing customers with high-quality imagery of your product is an essential step when it comes to customer acquisition. We produce photo-realistic 3D product renderings that can grab the attention of any interested customer.

GIFs are great for showcasing your product moving from angle to angle and can greatly enhance your customers’ viewing experiences. Furthermore, publishing GIFs via social media and other promotional platforms can help your product reach even more customers.

We will send you the 7 best 3D video examples for your product


What determines the price of a 3D product video?
The price for a video depends on such main factors: the complexity of scenes and the plot, the duration of video, the number of models, the quality of render, the resolution of video and the timing for implementation.
How Much Do Product Animations Cost?
As we said above, each project is individual. But in any case, we work in a price segment which is below the market's average. Don't worry if you have a minimum budget. We can offer you a cool option for just 5000-8000 USD. But as a rule, 80% of our customers order videos in the price range of 12000-18000 USD for their main products. If we are talking about TOP projects, then the budget has never been exceeded 65,000 USD!
What Do You Need From Me For An Estimate?
We only need answers to a few questions! Contact us, we will discuss your idea, your product, find out what is the purpose of the video, who is your target audience and where you want to show it. After that, our team will select references for your request, so that you will be able to look at the best projects in the world and be inspired for further discussions! When you decide what you like, we will offer you options with different budgets!

There is also an alternative option that our clients often choose: they let us know about the budget and wishes, and our team offers the best solution within the agreed conditions.
How Much Time Will My Project Take?
Usual time for small projects in 80% of cases is 2-3 weeks. Bigger and more complex projects take 4 to 8 weeks. Each project is individual, and we are ready to be flexible if you have a tight deadline.
What 3D CAD Formats Do You Accept?
We accept any industry standard CAD software that is capable of exporting a STEP file of your part or product assembly. For example: SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Pro-Engineer to name a few!
I don't have a 3d model, can you create it?
Sure! In our team, a whole department is engaged in the creation of 3D models. We create 3D models from photos, drawings and even sketches!
Do you have more examples of 3d product videos?
We have many other examples. Let us know examples for which industry you are interested in and we will select references specifically for your product and your task.
You can participate as much as you want, all we really need from you is preliminary dialogue and agreement on the overall vision of the video, and after that all you need to do is to provide a feedback at every stage of the production process. We take care of the rest from our side.
At the heart of each contract there is a development of an idea by our team. But we are completely open! If you have a great idea, bring it to us and we will bring it to life. We can also collaborate and come up with ideas together.
Are you working with 100% prepayment?
No! To start working on a project, an advance payment of 50% is enough for us.
But clients who pay 100% in advance receive an amazing bonus from our team.
How many edits do you provide?
The proposal includes edits up to 30% of the time at each stage, of the total number of working hours. In 95% of cases, this is enough to complete a project with high quality.

But for sophisticated clients we have an additional service - UNLIMITED EDITS. The price for this additional offer is +30% of the total project price.
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